Dipset’s Julez Santana has provided an update on the long-awaited Lil Wayne collaborative album, I Can’t Feel My Face, stating that politics have stalled its release.

While refraining from divulging specifics, Santana pointed the finger at the music industry for the would-be LP’s failure to launch.

“The industry is a very political business,” Santana told DJ Vlad. “You know, when you’re dealing with politics, a lot goes on. If you look, T-Pain and Lil Wayne’s album didn’t come out. T-Wayne. So, it was nothing between me and Wayne. Wayne is my brother, shout-out to Weezy, Free Weezy all day. I’m actually supposed to see him this weekend coming up — I gotta go see him. I wouldn’t even feel like it’s right if I didn’t go see him. I’m too close to him not to go see him and that’s my homie.” (DJ Vlad)

Last year, Santana said the two had previously recorded over 20 unreleased tracks together.

“Me and Wayne still have about 20 records that’s recorded that’s unreleased,” Santana promised in an interview. “You dig what I’m saying? The record that we just did the video for was a new record that I just did but we have about 20 records recorded because we recorded about 40 records about two years ago, we were on the Chris Brown tour together. We recorded about 40 records and a couple of ’em got leaked so, make a long story short, hopefully. There’s a lot of politics when it comes to that situation, so if we can make it happen, but you know, me and Wayne’s relationship is still what it’s supposed to be. So that’s all I’m worried about, this is a business at the end of the day.” (“106 & Park”)

Santana discussed the project’s delay in summer 2009 and described their aim to drop it via a major record label.

“The sh*t with me and Weezy, bottom line is we still got records done, a bunch of records,” Santana explained in an interview. “We did a lot of records, a lot of politics and bullsh*t promotin’ the album, promotin’ the album. His album came out and he wound up going through the roof with everything so it’s still a lot of politics. Couple records got leaked a few weeks ago, that just goes to show people we been had records already, those were like a year and a half old. We got about 25 records just sitting in the computer. Hopefully, we can put the album out the right way through a major label but if not, f*ck it, we gonna give the streets what they want. The music is done. So they gonna get it one way or another because it’s not like we gotta go in the studio and record.” (Forbez DVD)

Santana previously said the album’s delay was due to his past contractual issues with Cam’ron.

“I’m with whatever man,” he said regarding a reunion with the Dipset leader. “I’m good. I can do me now so it ain’t like if we was to do an album together, I can handle my business the way I wanna handle my business so I’m cool with anything. Ya dig? He ain’t physically harm me, he ain’t do nothing to me in that sense. Now I’m out, I’m free, I ain’t got time to dwell on that bullsh*t…The album [with Wayne] is done. We got over like 45 records done, we was just waiting, like I said, even with the situation that I was in, that was kinda like affecting that from going down too. There’s gonna be a lot of things happening and that’s definitely one of ’em.” (SmackTube)

Check out Juelz Santana’s interview below: