Philadelphia judge Genece Brinkley isn’t thinking twice about keeping Meek Mill behind bars. The controversial judge has reportedly filed documents explaining why she decided to ditch the Dreamchasers boss’ request to have a hearing and get released on bail.

According to reports, Judge Brinkley said she had a handful of reasons for forcing Meek to remain in jail.

First, she’s being a stickler on deadlines … saying Meek’s request needed to be filed a year after his original 2009 sentence became final. Of course, he didn’t file until 2018, but we’re confident Meek’s team would say they didn’t know about the police corruption scandal until this year. You’ll recall … Meek hung much of his bail request on the credibility of Officer Graham — the Philly cop at the center of the city’s sweeping police corruption case. Judge Brinkley says the Philly article exposing the scandal is based on old police documents that were readily available to Meek’s attorneys. (TMZ)

Last month, Meek’s mom Kathy Williams penned an open letter about her son’s situation.

“The problem is that the justice system has failed my son at every turn and hasn’t let go. You, Lady Justice, have allowed corruption at the highest levels of the system, and cruelty and spite have cast doubt on your very foundation. You are supposed to balance fairness and blindly always do what’s right, yet injustice has taken 11 years of our lives. My son had to choose between seeing his child and his mother in a hospital or going to prison. My son – who was 19 when he was introduced to the justice system – has been scarred physically and emotionally by your betrayal, and now you threaten his own son’s sense of security. Today feels heavier because, now that the truth has finally been revealed, for some reason Lady Justice you are not weighing in. Where are you? The District Attorney and Governor Wolf had the courage to say let my son out of prison due to this injustice. You’ve taken his innocence and abused his pride. He’s suffered loss of family and freedom. No human being should know his truths and be accosted by lies and false judgment under your shelter.” (Billboard)

Williams also used her message to reveal Meek’s intent on helping other jailed men fighting the system for their freedom.

“You have wrongfully convicted a black man in prison, that is a profound reality in America. We have given you all the evidence and all the reasons his case is a symbol of the problem in our justice system. On behalf of every mother whose son suffers the cruelty of unjust punishment, I now beg you to hear the words of the DA and the Governor and release my son. Each time I talk to my son, he gives me the strength to carry on and promises me that upon his release he will fight for other men whose voices are not heard. Give him that chance.” (Billboard)

Recently, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf showed his support for Meek getting out of jail on bail.