East Coast rapper Joyner Lucas isn’t here for the XXXTentacion jokes. The hip-hop artist has stepped forward to single out a comedian for dragging the late rap star into a stand-up comedy routine.

Lucas went to Instagram Saturday and didn’t hold back his emotions toward Dina Hashem.

It didn’t take long before Dina issued an apology for her joke.

Over the past few hours, Dina’s joke has gone viral and sparked backlash.


In June 2018, XXX lost his life to gun violence in Florida.

The person or persons who gunned down XXXTentacion likely knew who he was, and XXX struggled for his life. According to police documents, there were 2 men who jumped out of the passenger side of an SUV armed with guns and demanded property from XXX. The documents say there was a “brief struggle.” He was then shot multiple times … the killers removed a small bag from XXX’s car and then fled the scene. (TMZ)