“Power” creator Courtney Kemp and Joseph “Tommy” Sikora know the importance of June 7. The Hollywood heavyweights have celebrated the anniversary of everyone’s favorite STARZ show premiering.

On Friday, both Kemp and Sikora hit up Instagram with big facts about the major date.

This week, both Kemp and Tommy – er – Sikora went to Instagram to remind supporters the five-year journey is complete.

A few days ago, various pics and clips emerged of the cast members united ahead of a highly-anticipated final season gearing up to premiere.

According to reports, the festivities went down this past Saturday in California.

The event, dubbed “Starz FYC: Creativity, Culture, Conversations,” will include an immersive installation showcasing some of the behind-the-scenes crafts on series such as “Power,” “American Gods,” “Vida” and “Outlander,” as well as a day of panel discussions with casts and producers. On Saturday, June 1, the exhibit will be open to the public to explore costumes, sets, music, VFX displays and more. The next day, on June 2, only Television Academy members will be invited back to not only check out the installations, but also see a day of panels that will also include “Now Apocalypse,” “The Spanish Princess” and “America to Me.” (Variety)