Reality TV star Jordyn Woods has only love for Megan Thee Stallion. The hip-hop model went online this week to share her first-ever TikTok video and its inspiration stemming from the newly released “Girls in the Hood” single.

Woods x TikTok

On Tuesday, Jordyn Woods went to her Instagram page with the must-see footage referring to her new TikTok page. In the clip, she has Meg’s banger playing in the background as she goes through a full makeup session.

“just posted my first TikTok 💗go follow me! @jordyn_woods and make sure you go stream my girls song #girlsinthehood 😛” -Jordyn Woods’ Instagram

“Love youuuu 😍” -Megan Thee Stallion

Jordyn Woods announces her first TikTok post

High-Key Details

Heading into last Saturday, Woods brightened up everyone’s Instagram feed with some new shots. The pics featured Jordyn Woods shining bright outside in the sun.

“when you mix that sun with that melanin ✨” -Jordyn Woods’ Instagram

“ohhhhhweeeeee😍” -Normani

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when you mix that sun with that melanin ✨

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Jordyn Woods shines bright in new pics
Jordyn shows off a polished look

Wait, There’s More

Last Friday, Woods hit up IG and Twitter to get her followers pumped. She went into introspective mode by encouraging supporters to take advantage of every day they’re alive.

“Every morning you get to wake up, there’s another day for opportunity 🖤” -Jordyn Woods’ Instagram

Jordyn Woods shows off her amazing body

“another day, another opportunity🖤” -Jordyn Woods’ Twitter

Jordyn Woods pumps motivation into her followers

Before You Go

Earlier this year, Woods shared an up-close look at one of her mystery tattoos. Jordyn Woods went the extra mile by revealing what the tiny cursive words on her body actually are.

“‘What’s meant for me will never miss me’ if you wanna know what the tat says.”

Woods reveals her sleek tattoo