G.O.O.D. Music‘s John Legend recently talked about his longtime mentor Kanye West and his recent hospitalization. In the crooner’s perspective, Yeezus is much more than a regular artist.

In a new interview, JL discussed how much of an impact Kanye has on the music biz and globe.

“This is a very difficult life and a difficult business. I don’t want to try to play pop psychologist, so I’m not gonna try to analyze what’s happening with him. I just want him to do whatever he needs to do to feel better and to feel like he’s ready to go again, because music needs him. The world needs him. I think he’s such an important talent. We need him at full strength. How do you balance everything you do – acting, producing, music, fatherhood?” (Rolling Stone)

Recent reports revealed Kanye had been recovering from his hospitalization by clocking in ample gym time.

Kanye’s workouts are with celeb trainer Don Brooks — who’s also worked with Kim, Kourtney and Khloe — and they include resistance training with bands, jump rope and some one-on-one bball. Each session can last up to 2 hours … switching between ‘Ye’s home gym and local spots. We’re told Kanye’s been “very present” with Kim and the kids and a big part of that is working out his frustrations in the weight room. (TMZ)

Earlier this week, Kanye treated Twitter followers to a holiday picture of himself and wife Kim Kardashian.


Heading into last weekend, pics emerged of Kim and Ye together in Los Angeles.