Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz recently spoke to SOHH about his upcoming House Slippers album but also took a moment to discuss group member Joe Budden‘s publicized criminal situation with the New York Police Department.

Despite his close-knit relationship to Budden, Ortiz admitted he did not know the full story.

“No I haven’t been able to speak to him. I really just have been in this cave as far as my album and everything so I haven’t been able to peek my head out the studio or my house,” Ortiz told SOHH writer Nikita Rathod. “So I’m really just getting wind of this stuff if I’m honest with you, so I haven’t spoken to him or anything. I wish I could tell you something but I honestly honestly can’t. But I will say something, as Joell Ortiz, I do not stand by, stand for, or in any way appreciate domestic violence. I hope the allegations aren’t true but I haven’t spoken to him. … Joe is a really stand up guy and a good guy and I can’t see this happening. I hope it isn’t true and I guess the truth will reveal itself.” (SOHH)

This week, Budden said he had been cooperative with police.

“It’s been a frenzy,” Budden said in an interview. “I was surprised at all of it, to be honest. The media circus, the witch hunt, the man hunt. Well, you guys found me rather easily. [laughs] And I’m wearing pink. Who runs wearing pink? No, I’m not on the run. Those [tweets] were antagonizing a bit. That was me being my own worst enemy but again, there is no law against tweeting. No, no I do not [plan on sending more NYPD-related tweets]. I’m fully cooperative with everything happening in New Jersey. I’ve turned myself in, I’ve been released, my lawyer’s handling everything else. Whatever needs to be done to rectify the situation, I’m more than willing to comply.” (NBC New York)

Joe’s lawyer Nima Ameri, said he had followed protocol with the NYPD yesterday (August 25).

“(He) has fully cooperated with the investigation,” Ameri said. “Mr. Budden asks for patience as the evidence and facts unfold to demonstrate the truth of his involvement and the real events that transpired on the night in question.” (NY Daily News)

Over the weekend, Budden dished out more details of the headline-generating story and proclaimed his innocence.

“I don’t take this lightly, but I do find it funny seeing as how IM THE CALMEST N*GGA IN THE WORLD !! Smh,” Budden tweeted Friday (August 22) evening.

“Also, if I did half of what’s alleged, a pic of her face would be out, not her leg.. This is simple logic here.”

“Logic typically clears up a lot of sh*t by the way.”

“I’ll have my day in court… f*ck it.”

“I did have a nice convo w @TMZ earlier about journalistic integrity, boy was that funny/stupid. Lol”

“Cops searched my house today cuz shorty told them I had guns here.. He said “wanna tell me why u have a bullet proof vest?”.. Lmao/smh”

“The lesson to be learned here is.. Leave the strippers & bartenders in the strip club… sounds so simple !” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)