Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden has officially announced his separation from video vixen Esther Baxter by airing her out on Twitter, through rhyme, and in a radio interview this morning (May 3).

Breaking the news to his Twitter followers, Budden called out Baxter early Tuesday.

“smh @Esther_Baxter.. sh*t b all fun & games til the 2 n*ggaz u tried to play clear it all up via dm .. u lyin Katt Stack c*nt, i’ll pray 4 u,” Budden tweeted May 3rd.

“really tho @Esther_Baxter .. how do u sleep at night ?? How do u f*ck another n*gga while ur PREGNANT ?????????? God bless u my n*gga.”

“Grateful i don’t take myself too serious … sh*t happens, u fall down, u wipe yourself off & get up, pain shared is pain lessened.”

“Yo @Esther_Baxter … Shut your h*e a** the entire f*ck up..”

“Or don’t @Esthet_Baxter .. But that mouth get too slick & pics of that hoe a** box of yours will be plastered all over this b*tch, try me.” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Baxter responded to Budden’s remarks with her own Tweets.

“FYI ppl there were NO abortions involved! I don’t kill babies but SOMEBODY does….,” she tweeted May 3rd.

“I really don’t care sweetheart…. Do what you have to do…just get over it quickly… @JoeBudden”

“AND!??? NEVER denied being pregnant TWICE!! but that was months ago…you KNOW what happened to our daughter don’t you!!?? @JoeBudden”

“Oh I have pics to…but then they would prove you’re a murder & a wife beater!! wouldn’t they!??? @JoeBudden lets ask the courts shall we!??”

“Documented proof speaks volumes!!! You can put out pics of me naked!! But I have pics of abuse and death!!! Try me!! @JoeBudden”

“Let’s see how much your fans love and ride with you then!!! @JoeBudden” (Esther Baxter’s Twitter)

Along with the Tweeting, Budden dropped a “Novacane” freestyle called “Ordinary Love Sh*t (Part 3)” addressing the break-up.

Slaughterhouse general Joe Budden returns with the third and final part of his no holds barred “Ordinary Love Sh*t” series. For “Ordinary Love Shit Pt.3 (Closure)” the rapper reaches down deep and reveals very personal details of his past relationship with Esther Baxter (even mentioning his other ex girlfriend Tahiry) over the instrumental for Odd Future‘s R&B star in the making Frank Ocean‘s “Novacane” from the singer’s street album Nostalgia, ULTRA. Very Deep! (Soul Culture UK)

Budden also explained how he discovers NFL football player Derrick Ward was sleeping with Baxter.

“I put [Derrick Ward’s] name in the song and I come home in three in the morning and he’s following me. He wasn’t following me before — I follow him back and he [direct messages] me. And you know, things start coming to life…He didn’t know [she was pregnant]. I ain’t gonna front, shout out to him, he was like a real stand-up dude. He was like, ‘Yo homie, she told me y’all broke up in January. She didn’t tell me she was pregnant.'” (Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club)

Check out Joe Budden’s “Ordinary Love Sh*t (Part 3)” below: