Rap veteran Joe Budden has some conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic. During an Instagram Live conversation with Chicago native Lupe Fiasco, he revealed what he thinks about COVID.

Joe Knows

Joe Budden stated he thinks that coronavirus is just a form of population control. He did show hope though, and shared that it would be over soon enough as long as everybody pushes through.

“I’m actually abiding by what they’re telling us to do, which is stay in the house. New York is f**ked up. We’ll bounce back. It’s just gon’ be a slow, slow process. I believe all this s**t is some form of population control anyway.” – Joe Budden

Mass Appeal

The pair discussed the impact of COVID-19 on not only America but the entire world. They also talked about delving into other genres besides hip-hop.

Wait, There’s More

Hip-hop heavyweight Tory Lanez is helping out big time. He shared news to his Instagram page that he would be starting a coronavirus relief fund with the Los Angeles Dream Center to donate meals and diapers to those effected by the pandemic. The rapper announced the creation of the Tory Lanez Dream City Fund and that he’s also partnering with Amazon Music to donate the first 100,000 diapers.

“I’m super happy to announce the launch of the Tory Lanez Dream City Fund 🔥🤞🏽☂️ Thank you to @LADreamCenter for partnering and @amazonmusic for matching on this first donation of 100K diapers🔥🔥🔥☂️☂️☂️Link in my bio to donate to my new COVID-19 relief fund” – Tory Lanez Instagram

Before You Go

Atlanta rapper Offset is in a world of pain right now. He hit up social media last month to break the crushing news that his uncle had passed to COVID-19.

Offset shares news of his uncle’s passing from COVID-19