Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden has killed Troy Ave with the smoothness. Rather than launching multiple diss songs at his rap rival, Joey has referenced Ave’s NuPac record sales.

In his most recent “Everyday Struggle” broadcast, Joe went for the jugular by clowning Troy’s new project numbers.

“Before we get out of here this Thursday, I want to congratulate NuPac, this guy Akademiks’ man, I want to congratulate NuPac on a whooping 830 records sold. Great. Life has been lost, f*ckin’ your career is about over. One album in three years, too short, rest in peace, Troy Ave’s career. 830 copies sold. Absolutely nothing. Salute NuPac. It’s not pettiness. I had to say that in case somebody’s looking for Boy Ave’s numbers, because I’m not a numbers guy, if you were looking for them and couldn’t find them on Soundscan because they don’t report 800 copies sold. I’m not responding to him. [Bars?] Never. I’m like Drake now, I’m not responding to 800 copies sold.” (“Everyday Struggle”)

Last week, Joe defended his disinterest in launching a viral attack on the Brooklyn rapper.

“Let me tell you something. My career would be over if I responded to him. Well, it is over. Number two, my girlfriend would never let me waste a bar on the likes of a Troy Ave.” (Complex)

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On the recently released “Press Spray” diss song, Troy takes direct aim at Budden’s personal life and career.

He starts things off by simply dissing Budden’s music, rapping, “Man this shit wack like a Budden track.” From there, he gets much, much more personal. “You a drug addict and a b*tch-beater/Rap podcaster and a d*ck-eater,” Troy raps in a quick-fire first verse. Throughout the rest of the song, Troy criticizes Budden for allegedly abandoning him once he was shot. (XXL Mag)

After a few setbacks, Ave released his new street album in mid-April to critical acclaim.

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