New Jersey rapper Joe Budden is proving there’s a mood to all music especially when it comes to De La Soul‘s. The hip-hop veteran has taken personal offense at record label Tommy Boy getting caught up in a revenue dispute with the hip-hop pioneers.

During a “State of the Culture” broadcast, Budden kept it 100 on the De La/Tommy Boy drama.

“I’m teary because that’s just depressing to hear, but they sell us depression,” Joe began. “When you think of the stories being the same for this amount of years. Like when you look at De La telling you their battles from 30 years ago.” (“State of the Culture”)

Last week, De La Soul came forward to address getting its revenue jacked from Tommy Boy.

Throughout the past few days, the group has kept fans updated on the status of its catalog finally going digital.

According to the label, Tommy Boy has postponed De La Soul’s catalog from entering the streaming world.

“Because Tommy Boy has not had the opportunity to sit down together with De La Soul and finalize our negotiations — something we’ve wanted to do for months — we have decided to postpone the digital release of their catalog scheduled for tomorrow,” the statement reads. “We know fans are eager to hear these amazing recordings and we are hopeful for a quick resolution.” (Variety)