Dipset’s Jim Jones has finally offered up some clarity in his rumored feud with Max B affiliate French Montana and, notably, their past physical altercation.

Appearing on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” this week, Jimmy sent a warning shot toward French.

“Shout outs to French. He’s a lover not a fighter. [laughs] He didn’t want no sauce with that [fight]. I think that would have been his best bet. I still don’t think he want no sauce with that. So he should continue loving and enjoy his career and make the money he’s making because by chance he make that mistake, that’s gonna be a bad mistake for his a**. But, there’s a lot of instances in this game that have been crazy but they’ve been good to me because I’ve been able to escape them. I’ve had a few lawsuits in my time but you know, for the most part, I’m still here having fun.” (“Highly Questionable”)

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According to reports, the interview may have gone down in early May.

Normally, this would be the time when French would fire back with some slander of his own but he’s currently mourning the loss of his close friend and artist Chinx, so the timing of this interview couldn’t have been any worse. Reps for Jones tell Hip-Hop Wired that the interview was taped two weeks ago and while Capo isn’t backing down from French being to Kardashian-like to fight him, he didn’t go out his way to disrespect a terrible situation. (Hip Hop Wired)

A few years ago, Jimmy refused to address ex-affiliate Max B or French Montana during a live interview.

“Yo, yo, yo, yo, tell your mother I said hi, next caller,” Jones said abruptly. Sway then confirmed with Capo that Max B was not a subject he touches on. ” At all, tell his mother to touch on that subject,” Jones confirmed. We also know that Jim Jones and French Montana have a longstanding beef that doesn’t look to be ending either. When Sway asked about touching the subject of French Montana, Jones simply replied with, ” Nah none of them n*ggas, we don’t touch on that.” (The Versed)

Tensions reportedly flared between French and Jimmy in 2010.

Things almost turned ugly last night at Flex’s b-day celebration in New York City. During Fat Joe’s set, the Bronx emcee brought out special guest French Montana who got the crowd moving with his “Hard In Da Paint” freestyle. However, midway through the record water, ice, and other debris began hitting the stage from the balcony level. While nothing has been confirmed, all signs point to Jim Jones and crew as the ones responsible for making it rain. (Props Mazi O) (Miss Info TV)