Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones recently spoke on rumors about him approving a mixtape for incarcerated rapper Max B and denied reports of being dropped from Columbia Records.

Responding to fan questions yesterday (June 23) on Twitter, Jones denied allowing Max B to release a mixtape so he could generate profits for his family.

“not true at all totaly false. lol lmao owww,” he wrote in response to questions about a Max B mixtape. He went on to address other rumors. ” I wish [I was dropped from Columbia]. funny thing about tht is I’m not a artist over there I’m a partner I have a venture I wish it was that easy lol.” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Reports spread online early Tuesday which said Jones was dropped from Columbia.

Our A&R source at Columbia Records tells that rapper Jim Jones has just been dropped from the label. We called the Columbia offices to get an official statement, but it was after hours. Columbia has, though, removed him from their website. (The YBF)

Max recently said he was anticipating Jones to reach out to him so he could make profits while awaiting his prison sentencing next month.

“Nah, Jim ain’t reach out,” Max said in a phone interview. “I’m waiting for him. I’m trying to get this Vigilante Season out so hopefully he can reach out to me and get a check together. You know, shout-out to Jim Jones. I want a check, lets get a check…I had fun man, this has been the best two and a half, three years of my life. I did so much. I was stuck in the contract and I still somehow slipped through the crack and became successful. I go to bed with a smile on my face every night.” (G-Unit Radio)

Jones previously discussed his business relationship with Max and claimed he “owned” the rapper’s publishing.

“He’s signed to my label and I bought his publishing for roughly $90,000 which he cried over the phone to get out of jail for,” Jones previously told radio personality Funkmaster Flex in an interview last year. “He sold his soul, the stupidest move I’ve ever heard anybody make in their entire life.” (Hot 97)