Jim Jones has opened up about his falling out with former associates Cam’ron and Max B on a new song called “Frienemies,” exposing the in-house issues that caused a chasm.

The Byrd Gang leader holds nothing back on the Pray IV Reign track describing what he says really went on behind the scenes.

“My best partner, grew up to be monsters,” Jones raps, “And what happened, the sneaky hatin’/ N*ggas in your ear and the plan deviated/ Snakes in the grass just waitin’ for the moment/ N*ggas on your team and they really your opponent…now I’m feeling for the guns every time that I hug him/ I hate him up close but from a distance I can love him…Someone got killed, conspiracy/ And even still, I bailed you outta jail/ Without me you’d be facing an appeal/ But who knew this, you’d be a Judist/ And in the process, flew you ’round the world/ Put diamonds on your neck like you was my lil’ girl.” (World Star Hip Hop)

In a recent interview, Jones expressed the distance between he and Cam after rebuffing questions about a recent phone conversation the two allegedly had.

“Who?” Jones asked radio personality Angela Yee. “I don’t know what that’s about because everybody been telling me that and I’m the only one that don’t know about it. I don’t know what he’s talking about. If the money’s right [we’ll talk.]” (Shade 45)

Cam, on the other hand, previously said he reached out and began patching things up with Jones.

“I called [Freekey Zekey‘s] phone four or five days ago and Jim picked up Zekey’s phone,” Cam said in an interview. “Me and him spoke for about 10 or 15 minutes, but me and Zeek speak all the time. I haven’t spoken to Juelz [Santana]…It was cordial. He knew it was me…He said we was gonna holla, maybe we’ll put something together. But in the immediate future, I’m just doing Cam.” (MTV News)

Cam’s distance with Juelz is likely a result of an interview he had discussing the rapper’s alleged syrup addiction.

“Juelz started drinking syrup, Robitussin,” Cam’ron told hip-hop personality Miss Info. “He got hooked on it, addicted to it, you go to the studio he got, like, a hundred Hawaiian Punches already pre-mixed with the stuff in it. So I kinda stopped speaking to him like, we already smoked mad weed, we don’t need to be on Robitussin. I called his mother about it.” (Miss Info)

Listen to Jones’ “Frienemies” record below:

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