Dipset’s Jim Jones is stopping and smelling the roses for his sister. The hip-hop veteran has penned an epic open message to his sister as she gears up to welcome his niece.

This past Sunday, Capo hit up Instagram to pour out emotions and feelings about preparing to be an uncle.

I'm proud of u Sis and I'm patiently waiting for my niece to come out u gone think I was ur baby daddy the way I'm a spoil her u got so much love today so many people came to support damn near all of our family came out I felt like a kid again wit all of our aunts n uncles there Life wasn't easy for us at all but we were smart enough to know tht there is much more to life then th ghetto we grew up in u never let them stop u from finding away out now u get to raise ur baby way different then we were raised I know ur goin to b a wonderful mother I know u will b there for every step of ur babies life I love u sis if I haven't told u in a while I love u dearly and I look up to u even though ur my younger sister ur 1 of my biggest inspirations and th smartest person i know besides my self ha lol

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Jimmy’s longtime pal Game recently penned emotional words about how much his daughter’s birth impacted him.

I want to share a little story with all of you about a Father’s love for his little girl….. I had 2 sons that I love(d) with everything God had given me. But they were boys, so my personal life, my decision making, the process of being a dad didn’t alter or change much of anything because I would just say, “ they’re boys.. their tough, my little soldiers, they’ll be okay… & they were so I continued my life in the streets, my career, gang banging, doing dumb shit without thinking all the while being their father, loving & taking care of them the best I knew how… they also had amazing moms to carry the load so my part of being there & supporting was easy. Then…. I watched the birth of my baby girl & when I tell you I tried to hold back every tear in a room full of nurses, a doctor & family… I really did but the joy, excitement, anxiousness & anticipation of what was to come overpowered me & they burst from my eyes running down my cheek like a natural spring & at that point “A MAN” was made ! “A MAN” that was no longer anything he was before that moment. Reborn & dedicated to being the absolute best FATHER to a baby girl that anyone could ever be. From her 1st day on earth, to today’s cheer competition she has been nothing but pure joy & everything beautiful that earth has to offer, I can see every time I look into her eyes. Aye, aye….. & don’t let her smile at you… hmmmmph, you’d be feeling like you won the lottery 100 times over I’m telling you. I don’t know why this picture or this moment I decided to share this but…… I’m so happy that God gave me this baby because she is truly the most amazing little gift I could ever recieve. She loves me & I love her….. it is a love that will last an eternity & it will never change because we are “ONE”. There won’t be a problem in LIFE that I can’t fix for her…. either that or I will die trying, her life has to be PERFECT & im here to ensure her of it…. I am so grateful & honored to be her father….. enjoy your day 🙏🏾 – Cali’s Daddy

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