Dipset’s Jim Jones doesn’t skip workout days. The hip-hop veteran went online this week to share some footage of himself working up a sweat with his at-home quarantine gym grind.

Jim x Grind

Heading into the holiday weekend, Jim shared footage of himself working out in his garage. Jones did a series of different exercises aimed at making his arms stronger.

“incaseyoudidnt we did arms today Stay ready so u don’t have to get ready #quarantinefitness #vampfitt @dudvampfitt @official_bigruu @haqqymuufitness @kfitt_army @bba.fitness @shoota93 Fitness IG Pages @menshealth @shape @healthmagazine @webmd @roguefitness @torquefitnessusa @primefitnessusa @verve_fitness @gymequipmentbuyer @precor @lifefitnessofficial @hammerstrengthofficial @technogym @proform @nautilusstrength @woodwaytreadmills @hoistfitness @keiserfitness @everlast @trxtraining @powerguidanceofficial @kettlebellkings @eleikosport @bodysolidfit @bosu_fitness @corefx @dyna_pro @kabukistrength” -Jim Jones’ Instagram

High-Key Details

This week, Jones went to his Instagram Story to let fans know he’d gone shopping with his family for the first time in over 2 decades. He also spoke on finding the good in bad times despite the coronavirus pandemic taking over the world.

“I’ve been doing things with my family during this quarantine that I haven’t done in over 20 years, maybe since I was a teenage boy in high school. Shopping is one of them. Pretty dope.” -Jim Jones’ Instagram

Wait, There’s More

The New York rapper is also giving fans an up-close look at just how much he cares about his family goals. The hip-hop veteran went online this week to share a priceless pic with his day ones including his granddad, Mama Jones and teenage son.

“My grandad and his daughter wit her son and his son Generations of Jones Bloodline Happy bday granddad love u” -Jim Jones’ Instagram

Before You Go

Jim Jones recently went online with one of his biggest COVID-19-inspired new grinds. Jimmy revealed a Diplomats hand sanitizer product he’s throwing a price tag onto to help people stay safe and clean.

“I’m into commerce” -Jim Jones’ Instagram

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I’m into commerce

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