Byrd Gang‘s Jim Jones recently discussed the details behind his arrest earlier this week in New Jersey offering fans a warning about the hazards of Twitter.

Confirming the incident took place, Jones assured fans there was no serious issues surrounding his arrest and release in Teaneck.

“I was Twittin’ when I shouldn’t have been Twittin’ baby,” Jones said in an interview. “Shhhhhhh…On Tweeter I was just like, here we go, getting pulled over by the cops. Yeah, I was frisked [and] put in handcuffs, it was cool. Hahah. It was a minor infraction. Maybe they might be a little bit upset but they were perfect gentlemen and a perfect lady, they handled me with respect…No Twittin’ and driving…Spell check, pardon me.” (My 9 News)

The incident reportedly took place Monday (April 6) morning.

Jones was driving his 2007 black Bentley when a Teaneck police officer noticed he was missing a front license plate, said police Capt. Keith Richter. After police stopped Jones around 12:10 a.m., they found the rapper had an outstanding warrant out of Paterson and arrested him. Richter confirmed Jones, who provided a Newark home address, paid $120 and was released. Paterson Police Lt. Donald Giaquinto said the warrant was for unpaid motor vehicle tickets. (North Jersey)

Keeping fans up-to-date with his status, the rapper tweeted the entire event.

“I decide to drive by myself let’s see how this plays out,” he wrote unmodified prior to the arrest. “Misses officer let me go the funny part was watching them have to count all the money in my pocket lol I must say they were very cool…And it was a punk ass warrant from 2005 for 120 dollars…Make sure you pay old tickets.” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Aside from his minor run-in with the law, Jones is scheduled to appear in court later this month after turning down a plea deal in an assault case.

Jones rejected a plea deal today (March 24) that would have required 10 days of community service for allegedly attacking a rival recording artist’s friend. Jones, 32, was charged with misdemeanor assault after a fight with Javon Smith inside a Louis Vuitton store on East 57th Street. Smith was with R&B singer Ne-Yo. Defense lawyer Scott Leemon called the case “a setup for a civil lawsuit” and payday for Javon Smith. Leemon says witnesses reported Jones did not start the fight and is innocent. (SOHH)

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