Dipset member Jim Jones is making headlines this week following a testimony a government witness gave this week in a drug and murder trial. #DodgingDeath

Details of a 2010 studio dispute involving the Diplomat and a fellow hip-hop artist surfaced Wednesday (June 11).

Herron, an aspiring hip-hop artist who called himself Ra Diggs, was enraged after getting the brushoff from a Bloods gang associate of the “We Fly High” rapper, according to Herron’s former driver, Algenis Caraballo. Herron, 32, barged into the studio where Jones was recording, drawing the ire of the rapper. “Take that Bloods s— outside!” Jones barked at him, Caraballo said in Brooklyn Federal Court. The 2010 beef didn’t end there, according to Caraballo who was testifying for the government at the drug dealer’s racketeering and murder trial. (New York Daily News)

Following the studio incident, things heated up at club venue Sue’s Rendezvous.

The DJ shouts out, ‘Ra Diggs is in the building!’ and Jim Jones observes Ra there and it’s like he’s seen a ghost, scared,” Caraballo told prosecutor Shreve Ariail. Jones quickly left. Herron’s late enforcer at the Gowanus Houses, Tremaine (Cakes) Patterson, was “looking for an eye signal from Ra” to shoot Jones, the witness said. Jones fled in an orange Camaro, Caraballo recalled. “His whole entourage left,” he said. (New York Daily News)

Earlier this year, Jones spoke on the perception of reality TV had changed in recent years due to society’s interest in the popular format.

“The biggest misconception used to be that it was the wrong thing to do and for people who were washed up in other careers to try to reinvent themselves in other careers. Well, yeah, every year I try to reinvent myself, and I’ve reinvented myself so much that every person’s trying to do reality TV right now. Reality TV accounts for over 60% of all television, so I got to be doing something right out here.” (HHDX)

Back in December, Jones’ finacée and on-screen reality television co-star Chrissy Lampkin was involved in an off-camera brawl.

“Love & Hip Hop” star Chrissy Lampkin was arrested early this morning for allegedly bloodying up a girl at a New Jersey bar … not exactly a stretch, right? Edgewater PD tells TMZ … Lampkin was popped around 2:30 AM for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct … we’re told it was bad enough that the victim required hospitalization. She was bloodied and doctors had to stitch up the area above her eye. (TMZ)