The hip-hop community is speaking up. Following the release of Netflix’s woke af When They See Us film – based on the Central Park 5 – various rappers have delivered big messages.

Over the past few hours, New York natives from Dipset’s Jim Jones to Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli have spoken up.

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Central Park 5 prosecutor Linda Fairstein caught massive heat this week following When They See Us premiering over playing a central role in having innocent kids put behind bars.

Linda Fairstein, a key figure in the wrongful prosecution of the Central Park 5, is facing a new backlash — the nonprofit organization she worked on for nearly 20 years wants her canceled … TMZ has learned. Ever since Ava DuVernay‘s Netflix series, “When They See Us,” debuted over the weekend, Fairstein has been feeling the heat. She was head of the Manhattan D.A.’s Sex Crimes Unit in 1989 when the 5 boys were convicted … and her role in coercing confessions is sparking renewed outrage. (TMZ)

A few hours ago, Fairstein resigned from her job at a non-profit organization following the flick’s aftermath.

In a letter to the chairman of the Safe Horizon victims-services agency, Fairstein said she wanted to spare it further grief through association with her. “I do not want to become a lightning rod to inflict damage on this organization, because of those now attacking my record of fighting for social justice for more than 45 years,” Fairstein wrote. Fairstein blasted the public outrage sparked by Friday’s premiere of the four-part “When They See Us,” about the convictions and subsequent exonerations of five teens in the 1989 rape and assault of Trisha Meili while she was jogging in Central Park. (NY Post)

In the film, Linda is portrayed as the key person responsible for having innocent teens wrongfully convicted.

The Ava Duvernay-created series tells the story of the so-called “Central Park Five,” the five black teen boys who were wrongfully incarcerated for the rape and assault of the Central Park Jogger. Linda is played by Felicity Huffman in the series and, as the woman who supervised the interrogation and trial of the five boys, she’s portrayed in a less-than-glamorous light. (GH)