Dipset’s Jim Jones isn’t looking to do a reunion with former protégé Max B anytime soon. The hip-hop veteran recently talked about their distanced relationship.

According to Jimmy, he has no time or patience to discuss the ex-Diplomat affiliate.

“They move like nothing. He can die where he stands but I ain’t got time to talk about a person in jail. My heart don’t fold. You violate me a certain type of way, that’s for life. It’s just that that man is in jail and I could never talk bad or down about somebody’s in jail. Especially when he comes out. Let’s see how long it takes him to come out. If he comes out and I’m still into it, I’m going to bust his a**.” (Hot 97)

Last summer, Jim said Max B had insane potential during his short-lived rap game run.

“That’s a chapter in my life that’s been gone,” Jones said referring to his relationship with Max B. “I don’t even think about that no more. You dig? It’s nothing for me to talk about, when someone’s locked up, what could I say? I’m not one of those people who likes to kick a n*gga when he’e down. … I put a lot of money in that boy’s pockets. He had a chance to be as big as Drake. A lot of these artists right now that are singing and being very melodic, a lot of that came from that boy’s whole catalogue. Wiz Khalifa will tell you right now that he studied his music word for word and took a lot of his wave and put it on songs.” (Rap Radar)

Days prior, Bad Boy Entertainment’s French Montana updated fans on the jailed hip-hop artist.

“[Max B’s] doing good. He’s got a positive spirit. Sometimes I talk to him, he makes me feel like I’m locked up.” (“Wendy”)

A few months ago, Dipset’s Cam’ron shouted out Max B.

“I’m from the building where the wave was invented. Downstairs, under me. Ask Bigavel. Y’all call him Bigavel, Max B. I know him as Charlie Rambo. I’m from the building where the wave was invented and it was invented after I was born. No disrespect to Bigavel cause that’s my brother. That’s my little brother. I just spoke to Max motherf*cking two weeks ago. That’s my brother. Max’ll tell you though. I’ve been outside. I’m from the building where the wave was invented!” (Masar TV)