Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones recently spoke on the advantages of using his Twitter account and said his tweets helped increase his recent record sales.

Speaking on the release of his joint collaboration with DJ Webstar, Jones credited his Twitter use for the song’s chart placement.

“I released the song called ‘Dancing On Me,'” Jones explained in an interview. “It’s one of my new singles from this summer album that we’re doing. We put it up on iTunes and for me to try to get a spike on it, I tweeted that the record was now on sale on iTunes. It started at the 100’s and slowly but surely in a few days it started climbing in the 50’s and 40’s, you know? So appreciate everybody for going and buying that record off the help of the tweet.” (Forbez DVD)

An avid Twitter user, Jones famously tweeted his arrest last April.

“I decide to drive by myself let’s see how this plays out,” he wrote prior to the arrest. “Misses officer let me go the funny part was watching them have to count all the money in my pocket lol I must say they were very cool…And it was a punk ass warrant from 2005 for 120 dollars…Make sure you pay old tickets.” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Jones later assured fans there was no serious issues surrounding his arrest and release in New Jersey.

“I was Twittin‘ when I shouldn’t have been Twittin‘ baby,” Jones said in an interview. “Shhhhhhh…On Tweeter I was just like, here we go, getting pulled over by the cops. Yeah, I was frisked [and] put in handcuffs, it was cool. Hahah. It was a minor infraction. Maybe they might be a little bit upset but they were perfect gentlemen and a perfect lady, they handled me with respect…No Twittin‘ and driving…Spell check, pardon me.” (My 9 News)

Jones recently spoke on Webstar’s rap talent.

“Webstar had a smash song on the radio and I kept thinking like, ‘D*mn, it’s a Harlem thing going on.’ I called him up and jumped on the record with him and the song ended up doing things we couldn’t imagine,” Jones explained in an interview…We thought of different ways to make Webstar bigger than he already is. I told him if we did a duet album together, it wouldn’t be a discredit to him, it would only help build his brand which in turn will get him more money when he does his solo album…I’m about to take a trip back into the lab and start my infamous recording process that I’m known for, so look forward to that.” (BET)

Check out Jones’ interview below:

Jim Jones And Xavier Explain Using Twitter For Sales