While everyone else is eating turkey and counting their blessings SOHH got some of the biggest names in hip-hop to reveal the things that they are not thankful for this year.

The Alchemist, who released a digital EP called The Cookbok this month, told SOHH that the Santa Monica Police Department won’t be getting any thanks from him this holiday.

“I’m not thankful for the Santa Monica Police department,” he said. “They act like we’re already in the next Millennium and its [a] police state. Chill out. Relax go get a coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tealeaf. It’s not that serious. Take it easy. I’m not thankful for them.”

Dipset Capo, Jim Jones also expressed his displeasure for the legal system. He said that he’s not thankful for, “all the cases I caught in my life [and] how much f*cking lawyer money I had to spend on them.”

Konvict Muzik CEO, Akon had a hard time coming up with something because he’s “thankful for everything,” but he eventually settled on the immigration issues he runs into on tour.

“The one thing that I did have a little problem with was when I’m traveling to certain territories,” he said. “The economy was so bad and the US had such a bad reputation that we would get immigration issues in certain countries because we had US passports and I think that’s the one thing the probably kinda disturbed me a little bit.”

Though he gained notoriety as a hip-hop beatmaker, Ron Browz is now vying for his turn in the spotlight. He is currently experiencing the success of his the auto-tuned party song “Pop Champagne” which features Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. As a result, he’s seeing a bunch of additional criticism.

“I’m not thankful for the new hate I been getting for being a new artist,” Browz told SOHH. “I’m just getting regular hate that you get when you become a branded artist. I guess I’m a threat.”

Like Browz, Q-Tip is also dissatisfied with haters. Additionally, he took the time to address some more serious topics. “I’m not thankful for global warming,” he said. “Planet earth is quickly eating [itself] and it’s just not cool at all. We have to really be more ecologically conscious and do everything we can to save this planet.”

“I’m also not thankful for poverty,” he added. “I know it’s boring but it’s real.”