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New York rapper Jim Jones is getting back on his fitness. The hip-hop veteran has updated fans on his at-home workout routine after low-key slipping up during the first few weeks of quarantine.

Jimmy’s Workout Plan

Jones went to his social media pages going into the weekend with some hardcore gym goals. Despite having to stay home, Jim Jones has turned his basement into an all-out workout haven to support his fitness regime. If you’re looking to get your body right-right from home, the Human Trainer has a variety of fitness accessories and e-books for your quarantine workout. Click here to check out their full line-up.

“incaseyoudidnt I did a late night session big back today can’t lie first 3 weeks of this quarantine I was eating all th snacks and slacking on my work out I promise myself to focus up and b th beat me I can b mind body n soul day5 out of 6 for this week #Vampfitt #quaratinefitness @dudvampfitt @official_bigruu @haqqymuufitness @shoota93 @smthedon191 @champ23 @therealkp901 @mikerashid @breonma @haroldcalderon_” -Jim Jones’ Instagram

Dipset Comes To The Rescue

Recently, Jimmy went online to show off his stash of COVID-19-inspired Dipset merchandise. Jones shared pics of his gear including “F**k COVID-19” hats and an anti-coronavirus mask.

“DipSet say f*ck covid 19” -Jim Jones’ Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Jones shared a pic of himself rocking a mask to handle some errands. The hip-hop veteran acknowledged the war against COVID-19.

“We bout to get to th bank to get some of my own money let’s see how this goes lol 😂” -Jim Jones’ Instagram

Before You Go

Over the past few days, Jimmy has updated fans on his new merchandise launch. The hip-hop entertainer encouraged Diplomat supporters to check out his brand’s signature masks.

“When is time to go back out side we gone need mask regardless so we might as well have some jrip on em #DipSet says fuck covid 19” -Jim Jones’ Instagram