Over the last 24 hours, both 50 and Jimmy have dug deep into each other’s Instagram posts comments section with straight flames.

Last night, Jim Jones hilariously clapped at 50 with a savage IG post.

A few hours prior, 50 Cent sparked social media’s attention after ripping Jimmy’s workout skills.

“Calling Jim Jones right now! This b*tch ain’t answering! We’ll go back to the gym right now! Right now! You already know – I just left the gym! We’ll go right back to the gym and I’ll smoke him. Pick up your FaceTime b*tch! Where you at n*gga? You Harlem n*ggas is ducking us n*ggas from Queens!”

No stranger to trolling, 50 kept busy last week going at UFC star Conor McGregor following his publicized New York arrest.

Good morning people,👀is that you Britney . LOL #Lecheminduroi 🍾🥂

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