Vixen Jhonni Blaze has put a swift end to rumors about a romance brewing between herself and Rich Gang rap star Rich Homie Quan this week.

Despite the building speculations and gossip, Blaze labeled Quan a “friend.”

“Why everybody says that,” Jhonni questioned when referenced as Rich Homie Jhonni. “[laughs] That is my friend. No, he really is. He’s my friend. I can’t be with nobody, I can’t be next to anybody without somebody saying I’m messing with them. It’s crazy but that’s how, you know, the world works but I, I didn’t do anything. He’s really my friend.” (DJ Smallz)

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Blaze treated fans to pictures of herself and Quan coupled up on Instagram.

Aside from the romance buzz, Quan surrendered himself to police Wednesday (April 8) for an alleged nightclub brawl.

Rich Homie Quan ´╗┐is in custody now after surrendering to cops for allegedly brutalizing a nightclub bouncer. Quan showed up at the Miami Beach PD Wednesday afternoon for booking on misdemeanor battery. Cops say Quan fled the scene, jumped on a nearby speedboat and took off. Quan says he was actually on a yacht the entire time, claiming the allegations are bogus. (TMZ)

Reports last month claimed Quan did not use a speedboat as his getaway route.

According to the police report, Quan “fled east towards the dock where he boarded a boat in Dock 14 and took off.” But people who were on the boat tell TMZ, that didn’t happen. We’re told RHQ did indeed board a yacht … but that he partied there for at least an hour, in plain view, before taking off. (TMZ)