R&B superstar Jhené Aiko is going all natural for 2020. This week, she took to social media to share a glimpse at the hairstyle she’s rocking with summertime goals in full effect.

Aiko x Natural

Aiko went to Instagram Saturday with a shot of herself waking up. In the pic, she’s rocking her naturally curly hair.

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High-Key Details

Outside of steady flexing on everyone, Aiko recently went online to celebrate a huge accomplishment. She lit up social media to congratulate her daughter Namiko on graduating elementary school.

“Namiko had her 6th grade CULMINATION today!! (her school was kindergarten through 6th grade, meaning she’s on her way to middle school 😉) Congratulations Namiko and everyone else who is graduating 💙 never ever stop learning!! continue to evolve and grow!! you are essential!! don’t you ever let anyone or anything make you think otherwise🙏🏼i am inspired and so proud of all of you 💙 Congratulations class of 2020 !! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼” -Jhené Aiko’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Aiko also shared the heartfelt message she left for her mini-me.

“yearbook dedication page for Nami 💙 Zoom ceremony was so interesting. Nami gave a lil heart warming speech tho 🥺 congrats to all the kids who are off to middle school💙 you got this 🙏🏼” -Jhené Aiko’s Instagram

Before You Go

This week, she accepted popular rapper Tyga‘s #feedyourcitychallenge. Producer Mustard did as well, but Aiko clarified she’d also put on for Los Angeles.

“🤗 #feedyourcitychallenge @treysongz 💫 #LosAngeles #SlausonHills 💙” -Jhené Aiko’s Instagram