Music mogul Jermaine Dupri recently revealed what top five club smashes are a must-play heading into 2012, ranging from Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “N*ggas In Paris” to Meek Mill and Rick Ross’ “I’ma Boss.”

In addition to rap no-brainers, JD also said R&B cuts from Beyonce and Rihanna get club love.

1. Future feat. Drake “Tony Montana”: “Since I DJ, of course you got to have the ‘Tony Montana’ record. Future’s got ’em right now.” 2. Beyonce feat. J. Cole “Party”: “I just heard it in the car the other day and that’s a hot record. I don’t know, it’s just a crazy record.” 3. Jay-Z and Kanye West “N*ggas In Paris”: “Definitely the Jay-Z and Kanye West ‘Paris’ record. There’s just no question.” 4. Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross “I’ma Boss”: “Oh my God! I can’t forget about ‘I’ma Boss.” That’s might be the biggest record in the club right now. I played that the other night in Atlanta before the club ended and it looked like the security was going to have to fight the kids to get ’em out of there.” 5. Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris “We Found Love”: “That new Rihanna single is stupid in the club. That song pops off in dance clubs where people want to really go crazy. You want to see the sparklers and the champagne bottles come out. (Billboard)

Outside of club smashes, JD and Da Brat‘s “Look At Me Now” remix hit the Internet a few months ago.

So So Def is back in the building. Fresh from prison, Da Brat makes her triumphant return to rap, ripping through a remix of Chris Brown‘s “Look at Me Now.” “Well I’m feelin’ like a winner ’cause I’m free, I ain’t gotta walk around as an inmate/ And I been off the scene for a minute, but I’m back in effect and the fact is I’m great/ Couldn’t wait for the parole board to go and gimme a release date,” she spits. “Prepare yourself for a So So Def summer,” adds J.D. (Rap-Up)

Following her February jail release, Brat hinted at working on new music with Dupri.

“I’m getting some beats sent to me right now from JD,” Brat added. “I wasn’t really motivated in there to write. I need to be able to hear some fire beats and I need to hear it loud. I got two and a half years of sh*t built up that I need to talk about. I’m ready to get it in. I can’t wait.” (XXL Mag)

JD is currently on a nationwide tour hitting up clubs in various popular cities.

This past weekend, Jermaine Dupri announced a North America tour that will have the DJ mixing tunes in various popular clubs throughout the U.S. with stops in New York, New Orleans, and Atlanta. The 1414 tour, which kicked off Monday in Chicago, will take Dupri through 14 cities in 14 days before ending on the 13th in Miami. (BET)

Check out some recent Jermaine Dupri footage below: