Music producer Jermaine Dupri can breathe and sleep a bit easier now as new reports claim a last-minute payment helped prevent his Atlanta mansion from getting auctioned off earlier in the week.

Details of JD’s payment of nearly $90,000 hit the Internet this weekend.

Jermaine Dupri’s giant Atlanta home is safe … for now — because the music producer successfully rescued the place from foreclosure auction this week, after allegedly failing to pay $193,000 in mortgage debt. Dupri’s home was scheduled for auction September 4th — after Dupri’s bank claimed the rapper failed missed $193,404 in payments on his mortgage. Dupri filed an emergency motion in response, asking the court to block the auction, claiming he only owed $89,901 … and he paid the bill in full by the time he filed the motion. The house was yanked from the auction at the last minute. (TMZ)

The music star’s attorney also spoke on the current legal home dispute.

Dupri’s lawyer, James Kane, tells TMZ, “There was no foreclosure sale of the property … We are presently working with the lender to reconcile our disagreement over the [mortgage amount due].” (TMZ)

Back in 2009, JD reportedly owed over $3.2 million in taxes to the government.

The state of Georgia filed a $135,749 lien against him Nov. 17, 2008, in Fulton County Superior Court. The IRS filed a $3,095,004 lien against him Sept. 4, 2008, in the Westchester County (N.Y.) Clerk’s office. “I can assist you in telling you that all of the taxes have been paid and my law firm has been, and is, in the process of getting the liens removed in normal course,” Kane wrote in an e-mail. “As to any other information, you can certainly understand under the attorney-client privilege that I am not able make any further comment.” (Detroit News)

The platinum-selling music producer made headlines in the early 2000’s when his home got raided by federal agents for tax-related reasons.

He’s the man responsible for the sub-genre known as Kiddie Rap, which vaulted such pre-pubescent hoodlums as Kriss Kross and Lil Bow Wow to the top of the charts. Back in 2002, Dupri got raided by federal agents. They confiscated furniture, computers and cars. His debt to the IRS was reported as $2,541,865. (Tax Prep 101)

Check out some recent JD footage below: