Music producer Jermaine “JD” Dupri is making headlines this week as reports claim he and an entourage were swarmed by Miami police during a traffic stop.

According to reports, the incident went down early Friday (December 27).

According to the police report — obtained by TMZ — Miami Beach cops smelled “a strong odor of marijuana” inside the car. That’s when Jermaine — who was a passenger — and the others were patted down. Cops didn’t find pot, but they DID find something that caught their eye … a single Xanax pill in a plastic container, inside the pocket of one of Jermaine’s friends. Now get this … Cops then requested K–9 dogs to sniff out contraband. In all, Jermaine says 5 cops cars arrived on scene, but turned up nada. (TMZ)

The rapper has already addressed what went down and accused the cops of shady conduct.

But it wasn’t over yet. Cops were suspicious that the guy was in illegal possession of the pill. He insisted he had a prescription, but cops were suspicious. That’s when someone in Jermaine’s posse said he would go to the guy’s home to get documentation he had a valid prescription. Time passed and the guy came back with the proof, and everyone went home. UPDATE: 12:30 PM PST — Jermaine tells TMZ … he is the victim of “rapper profiling.” He believes cops followed him from the nightclub he had just made an appearance at … and stopped him within minutes because he’s a celebrity. He thinks its ridiculous that cops called out the K9 unit and thinks it is massive overkill. Miami Beach PD says the stop was legit … and everything was done in accordance with procedure. (TMZ)

JD also made sure to post a photo from the incident onto Instagram.

“Somebody pls call tmz ???????? 5 police cars just pulled us over cause @tizzad @mrmauricio @yesjulz and @nickltl got the car smelling like snoop dogg,oh shit !!they just hand cuffed @mrmauricio cause they found a Xanax OMG!!!! Lol ????????????this is a movie,” JD posted December 27. (Jermaine Dupri’s Instagram)

Outside of his legal woes, the Atlanta hitmaker celebrated So So Def’s 20th anniversary last February.

Stars came out heavy on Saturday night (Feb. 24) to Atlanta’s Fox Theater for the So So Def 20th anniversary concert. Mariah Carey, Usher, Jay-Z, Da Brat, Ludacris, Monica, and several others were in attendance to celebrate with the man who started it all, Mr. Jermaine Dupri. At some point during the night, JD joined Jay-Z onstage and they performed couple of songs including “N***as In Paris.” (The Honesty Hour)

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