Delaware rapper Jem Cretes has stayed true to his word of releasing a response track aimed at ScHoolboy Q after being accused of doing shady business by dropping an unauthorized track featuring him last week.

On a new song titled “Schoolboy Q Response (Hustled All My Life),” JC does not hold back on unloading his personal issues.

“Used to be my mans, bruh/Now you forced my hands, bruh,” Cretes raps. “Talking sh*t, you just a lame/Male females be all the same – I walked my pains, keep it lit/Off the chains, please free my d*ck/All these haters all want favors/Now or Later, he the b*tch/I’m chasing it, gotta get what’s mine/Replace a b*tch that’s got no spine/Mama raised me, section 80, Reagan Era, not fugazi/It’s f*ck you, pay me/Look in the mirror, f*ck your lady” (SchoolBoy Q Response (Hustled All My Life)) (“Hustled All My Life”)

Although brief with details, Cretes promised to clear the air courtesy of an untitled new song yesterday (March 23).

“I got a record coming. I aint on no f*ck sh*t but y’all need a reality check with all the lies going in rotation. #Honesty aint short here!,” Cretest tweeted March 23.

“I’m on two liars heads by 10:00 A.M Eastern time! No frauding or Bullsh*t on my end! I’m going inn right now and it’s all because y’all lied” (Jem Cretes’ Twitter)

Over the weekend, ScHoolboy said he would not support any online sites which posted their new “Hustle 101” record.

“N*ggaHz is burnt i didn’t do a song wit dat n*ggaH !!!! N*ggaHz stealing sessions too tHirsty!! Using my two year old verse f*ck outta Here,” SB tweeted March 22.

“And to all da websites postin dat knowing it’s old I ain’t f*ckin wit y’all nomo dnt ask for a interview from me r da Homies it’s ova for u”


“Ok back to being Happy wassup y’all!!!!!!! Lol I’m still Happy n*ggaHz jus burnt” (Schoolboy Q’s Twitter)

Reports claimed Cretes had worked with ScHoolboy’s Top Dawg Entertainment label in the past.

Delaware rapper Jem Cretes releasing a new song titled ‘Hustle 101’ has irked Q because according to the TDE rapper, it features an old verse of his which he never authorized to be released. Jem Cretes is no stranger to the TDE camp. Back in the day, he directed music videos for Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and more. Although HHNM didn’t post the song but really Q? You’re going to boycott the websites over this? How are the outlets supposed to know when the song released, whether it’s an authorized verse or not? (HHNM)

Check out Jem Cretes’ new song: