Atlanta rapper Jeezy is tired of the deaths of black kids like slain teenager Trayvon Martin and has issued a statement on this week’s verdict to not charge police officer Darren Wilson for the fatal August shooting of Michael Brown.

In his statement, Jeezy stressed the importance of these shocking deaths coming to an end.

Jeezy, who visited Ferguson shortly after the shooting in August, issued a brief statement to MTV News, addressing the emotional events that unfolded this week. His message is as follows: “Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Akai Gurley all had their lives and dreams taken by the same people that pledged to uphold the community. This has to stop, may God be with Ferguson, and may our prayers be answered.” (MTV)

Check out Darren Wilson’s interview on the shooting right here…

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Officer Darren Wilson addressed whether his run in law enforcement may have come to a sudden end in light of the Brown shooting this week.

“I’m not sure it’s possible. I mean, you think they would accept me? You think it’d be safe for me?” Wilson asked. He said his notoriety could also put his fellow officers in jeopardy. “Can I put them in that situation?” he asked. Wilson said a final decision on returning to the force has not been made. (ABC News)

Music stars Pharrell, Killer Mike and Big K.R.I.T. revealed how upset they were over Officer Wilson not being charged for the shooting a few days ago.

Rappers Q-Tip and Macklemore took a more physical approach with their reactions.

Noting a lack of “value for black life,” the rapper expressed his discontent online, but took his stance a step further. Hitting the streets of New York City, The Abstract led protesters in a chant of “Whose streets? Our streets” Also taking to Twitter was Macklemore. Bashing the Ferguson decision as one that “protects white supremacy,” the Seattle-bred rapper turned words into action as well. He hit the streets of his city to join protesters. (VIBE)