Atlanta rapper Jeezy is fully supporting change. Following the recent protests and increasingly supported Black Lives Matter movement, he’s all for sticking together and helping take the black dollar to another level.

Jeezy x Change

Jeezy went public with a video of him speaking about making sure everybody is on the same page. He thanked everyone for their involvement in seeking justice and also pushed the importance of voting.

“This hasn’t been paid for, sponsored by, no one else. This is clearly my thoughts, my thinking and I’m just thinking about me, you, us, y’all, my people. First and foremost I would like to commend everyone that’s non-black that’s been out here marching, protesting and tagging Black Lives Matter and hash tagging defund the police, whatever we got to do let’s just make sure we’re on the same page. I went to vote two days ago in Atlanta, Georgia, my home, and I must say I was very upset at the way things were handled. Long lines. They shut down the polls at certain times so that means people there didn’t even get a chance to vote. If you didn’t know your official’s name and it wasn’t on the ballot, you didn’t know who you were voting for. You gotta research that and the machines didn’t work. So you could already tell we were at a disadvantage. So I’m going to say this, we’ve got to get on the same page, people. We’ve got to do what we got to do. We can show up at the Falcons game for a tailgate party, we can show up at the polls in forces and numbers.” -Jeezy’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Jeezy is really getting involved in the BLM movement. The hip-hop veteran recently shared a powerful moment from one of the Georgia demonstrations. Several nights ago, the Snowman went to Instagram with a must-see pic of himself standing around other peaceful protesters and pushing for racial equality.

Vote! March! And we must build up the Black Dollar ✊🏿 #KeepGoing‼️ -Jeezy’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Earlier this month, Jeezy and other hip-hop stars encouraged Georgia folks to get out and vote in the primary election.

“Vote @wisesmith2020 for Fulton county DA if you tired of getting unfair sentences from Paul Howard in Atlanta. TIME FOR A CHANGE‼️ #WiseUP” -T.I.’s Instagram

T.I. encourages everyones in Atlanta to get voting
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Before You Go

According to reports, like Jeezy said, some people experienced issues at the polling booths. Reports claimed machine malfunctions slowed down the primary voting process.

Atlanta voters haven’t had the smoothest process at the polls June 9 as they cast ballots for president, Congress, and state legislative seats. Many have reported long wait times, malfunctioning machines or none at all. Tuesday is the primary election for Georgia voters and according to several reports it’s not going as planned, with long lines and voting machine malfunctions. (Patch)