Atlanta rapper Jeezy has things to talk about. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to share his thoughts on the state of the world and President Donald Trump during the current coronavirus.

Big Facts

This week, the Snowman sat down for a video interview with popular news personality Ari Melber. During the Q&A, Jeezy talked about the current crisis being way bigger than the head of state in his feelings.

“For me, I’ve seen those type of people in my life and Trump, he’s one of a kind because it takes a different type of leader to make things about him. I just feel a lot of times you see his ego. Right now, you know, it’s about the people. To me, you talking about ‘Make America Great.’ We gon’ make America greater than it’s ever been with or without him. He gotta understand that. We are the people. You are one person and we get it. But this is not about you right now. We all in this together. You know, all of us. So, we have to make this about us, not about you.” (MSNBC)

High-Key Details

The Atlanta native also plugged his interview on social media. Jeezy gave Ari a major shout-out for giving him some mainstream news spotlight.

“Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of a leader. You can have a Billon dollars and can’t buy that. You can’t lead us, if your ego is leading you. Ps: We The People. One time for @arimelberMSNBC Thanks for having me. #KeepGoing‼️ @thebeatwithari” -Jeezy’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

A few days ago, Jeezy released some must-see footage of himself taking on the current coronavirus epidemic. The rap veteran shared a clip of himself shopping for groceries wearing a medical mask.

“Store runs be like 😳 @shawtyr3dd it’s on you 🕺🏾#HowYouPoppin #HowYouPoppinChallenge #Twenty/20PyrexVision out now link in bio ‼️”

Before You Go

Earlier in the week, Jeezy delivered a heartfelt open message. The Snowman took a minute to give a shout-out to hospital workers on the frontlines during the COVID-19 battle.

“Faith over Fear. I love you sis. I’m proud of you… We are Grateful for those on the front line. We salute you… This too Shall pass 🙏🏾”