Atlanta rapper Jeezy is speaking up. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to weigh-in on the horrific murder of unarmed Georgia black man Ahmaud Abery.

Jeezy Speaks

The Georgia native went to his social media pages to speak on Ahmaud having his life taken from him. The Snowman also reminded his followers to realize racism in 2020 is still a very real thing.

“My heart goes out to the family of Ahmaud Arbey. Prayers goes out to all of us that look like him too. This could have be you, me, your brother, uncle. Maybe your son or your father. Truth of the matter is, if he is a suspect based off the the way he looks, then I guess I’m a suspect too. No ones deserves to be hunted like a wild animal. Out numbered, then murdered in cold blood. Racism is still very real. And it has killed more of us than any pandemic. It’s time for us to find a cure. This has to stop! One word Justice. #irunwithahmaud” -Jeezy’s Instagram

Justice 4 AA

Over the past few hours, social media has united to stand up for Ahmaud Arbery’s family. Celebrities demanded justice and for the two alleged men responsible for his death to get arrested.

“These two white men killed an unarmed black man jogging down the street in Brunswick , Ga , for nothing and on camera and are not in prison , sh*t crazy !!! 😡 Rest In Peace Ahmaud Arbery” -2 Chainz’s Instagram
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Read & post this ASAP!!!!!!

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Justice for Ahmaud Arbery.

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Wait, There’s More

Ahmaud’s family have come forward this week to speak out. Arbery’s parents are pushing for legal action including the immediate arrests of the men connected to his death.

The parents of a black man killed in a pursuit by two white men armed with guns called for immediate arrests Wednesday as they faced the prospect of waiting a month or longer before a Georgia grand jury could consider bringing charges. (CBS News)

Before You Go

New footage has surfaced from the horrific February 2020 slaying. The video has inspired people to come forward and publicly speak out.

It was sparked by a 36-second video released online months after that late February run – a video that shed new light on how Arbery was killed. In the film, an unidentified person in a car films Arbery jogging towards a white truck parked on the road, where two men stand: one in the bed of the truck and another just to its side. One shot rings out as Arbery disappears off camera, swerving around the truck. Then another. Another shot rings out as Arbery struggles back into frame as yet another shot is heard. Finally, he falls to the ground. (The Guardian)