Atlanta rapper Jeezy is big when it comes to anniversaries. The hip-hop veteran went online this past weekend to celebrate the 15-year birthday of delivering his game-changing Thug Motivation 101 album.

Jeezy Celebrates TM101 Annivesary

Over the past 24 hours, the Snowman has flooded his social media pages with big respect placed on his own name. Jeezy reflected on what his 2005 studio solo debut did for his career and the music biz.

“Today is officially… THUG MOTIVATION DAY🍾 July 26 The Boy Delivered a Classic! Drop your favorite quote ⛄️ #15YEARANNIVERSARY #TM101” -Jeezy’s Instagram

Jeezy Celebrates TM101 Annivesary

High-Key Details

Jeezy didn’t stop there. The rap game heavyweight also penned emotional words on his contribution to the rap game over the past 15 years.

“Hopped off the porch in my momma two bedroom trailer with a dream, a grind and an all around vision. My vision was to take a culture that was demonized and told they would never be anything or have anything. I endured any type of obstacles u can think of ; from dodging penitentiary to having a full time job of staying alive .”

“I always told myself if u want heaven its on the other side of hell. So, I laced up my air ones and walked thru the fire until I got to the other side. Someone once told me that freedom is on the side of fear. So I took all the chances to get there. In the process I obtained and gained insight of the art of (adversity) and I turned my pain into passion and put the passion into my music, so the world could see it was possible.”

“To become something even when everyone is counting on you being nothing. That was the birth of #ThugMotivation. 2 Million records later! It is one thing to say what would you do in the music but I wanted to show action. Even at this present day, everything I stand for is about evolution. Evolve or Die!”

“Thank you to everyone who supported my vision and my music, that got some through your hardships, prison time, college courses and even life in general. Today we celebrate 15 years of Thug Motivation. But our next 15 will be epic! @Tonyrobbins I’m up next just so you know! Happy 101 day ⛄️ #KeepGoing‼️” -Jeezy’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

On Sunday, rap veterans T.I. and Akon put respect on Jeezy’s name. The hip-hop entertainers celebrated Thug Motivation 101 and its 15-year anniversary.

Before You Go

This past weekend, rap veteran Beanie Sigel said he wanted to see Jeezy do a Verzuz battle with Rick Ross. Beans said the bout could go to the wire.

“Fab and Kiss weren’t fair. And I love Fab. Fab’s one of the most consistent rappers – ever. Out of all the battles that was going on, I think Snoop and X had the best joint. Number two, and it ain’t happening but if the people agree with me, I want to see Ross and Jeezy. Ross and Jeezy! Ross and Jeezy! That’s going to war! Ross and Jeezy! If y’all want to see that, we gotta make that happen! Listen, you can’t put Ross against nobody but Jeezy. Nah, Ross is gonna get T.I. That’s not even.”