Atlanta rapper Jeezy can breathe easy after reportedly coming to terms with a fierce biker crew over his popular 8732 clothing line being accused of stealing its trademark. #HellRaiser

Details of Jeezy reaching an agreement with the notorious Hells Angels have surfaced this week.

Nobody f***s with the Hells Angels — even in a court of law … just ask Young Jeezy who’s agreed to pay off the feared motorcycle club to settle their lawsuit against him, TMZ has learned. Apparently Jeezy was rattled enough from the lawsuit to almost immediately yank the items in question off the shelves. So now we’ve learned the case has settled … our biker sources say Jeezy coughed up some cash. As for how much, we’re told “at least enough for some beers for the boys.” Jeezy’s rep says the rapper is happy with the settlement. As for the Hells Angels, they simply told us, “We always get what we want.” (TMZ)

Outside of legal woes, the “Snowman” is expected to drop his upcoming Seen It All album later this year.

The self-professed Snowman chose the name after looking at how far he’s come in the past 10 years. “I gave you Thug Motivation 101, I gave you The Inspiration, The Recession, I gave you 103, and I feel like through all that, I been through a lot and I feel like I seen it all,” Jeezy told REVOLT last night. “That’s why I named my new album Seen It All.” (REVOLT TV)

The Def Jam heavyweight also recently noted how much of a hip-hop veteran he is.

“To be ten year in the game and still be a solid A1, no dirt on your jersey and still doing what you do, you gotta have a lot of wisdom and anybody like Birdman, Jay Z, or Puff Daddy can attest to that,” Jeezy explained. “It takes a lot to be strong in this game and still be here and do you’re thing. That’s why I feel like I’m a young OG, I Seen It All.” (REVOLT TV)

Recently, Jeezy hinted at possibly dropping his next LP on another label with the release of “Me OK.”

Winter is long gone and The Snowman is ready to heat up the summer. Young Jeezy hits the hoods nationwide, letting off a banger for the streets with “Me Ok.” Premiered by Xclusives Zone, Snow Go brings that southern slang over the menacing production of long-time collaborator Drumma Boy. “When L.A. Reid was in office, made some history up at Def Jam/ If Jizzle ain’t dropping ni**a, what the f**k is Def Jam?. I know you heard how your boy bossed up at Atlantic/ Boss s**t, might just drop my next album on Atlantic…damn.” (Miss Info TV)