Music mogul Jay Z‘s TIDAL streaming service can’t catch a break. After getting hit with legal action from late entertainment icon Prince, the giant digital company now has a hefty lawsuit on deck.

According to reports, TIDAL’s being sued for sex and pregnancy discrimination against a former employee over a breast pump request.

Lisette Paulson says the music streaming company — specifically Jay Z’s trusted associate, Desiree Perez — retaliated against her in 2015 for requesting a private pumping setup. According to her suit … Perez told Paulson to just use a bathroom, but she said no way. Perez allegedly asked the new mom if the pumping was really necessary and grew frustrated about having to give up a private office for Paulson to do her business. She says Perez told her they’d have a meeting to figure it out, but the day after that meeting … Paulson says she was fired. (TMZ)

Recent reports surfaced about Prince’s estate suing Jay Z’s Roc Nation for copyright infringement over having unauthorized music stream on TIDAL.

The complaint, obtained by Pitchfork, asserts that Tidal was only granted a 90-day period of streaming exclusivity for Prince’s 2015 album HITNRUN Phase One. NPG Records claims that no other agreements were made and that Tidal “is exploiting many copyrighted Prince works.” One cited example of infringement is a July 2016 report about Tidal adding 15 Prince albums to its service. It’s also stated that Tidal did not attempt to communicate with Prince’s estate after his death. Pitchfork has reached out to representatives from Roc Nation and Tidal for comment. (Pitchfork)

A few days prior, buzz developed about Jay Z having a $40 million bid for Prince’s music shut down.

Sources involved in the deal tell TMZ the estate fired off a letter to Jay’s team last month, saying it had no interest in signing a deal for “Roc Nation to exploit any of the intellectual property assets of the Estate.” More bad news — the estate is calling out Tidal for making 15 Prince albums available for streaming a couple months after his death. Those releases were unauthorized according to the estate. (TMZ)

In late October, reports surfaced about Jigga wanting to land Prince’s music.

We were unable to confirm the figure from Jay’s camp. But there was a rub. Tyka may be Prince’s only full sibling, but she has to get sign-off from all the brothers and sisters, in addition to the trust that is managing the estate. Word is that JZ is still in the running to get the overall deal for streaming rights … but it will be very expensive and there are some major players in the game. (TMZ)