Music mogul JAY-Z might want to consider what his schedule looks like in 2020. The hip-hop icon has received a serious political co-sign to run for head of state in the next presidential election.

In an on-street interview, Indiana U.S. Representative Andre Carson poured out his support for Young Hov landing in the White House.

“I love JAY-Z – JAY-Z would be awesome in politics. I think Jay-Z, I think P. Diddy, I think Damon Dash, Master P, you know, they remind me of guys I grew up with from my hood. I grew up in the crack cocaine era. I think these guys show that if you believe in yourself, you network and you have a great team, you can be what you want to be. I say Hova for president.” (TMZ)

Carson later explained why Young Hov would have a chance going head-to-head with President Donald Trump.

“If you look at President Trump’s candidacy, a lot of people wrote him off. And I think if you look at JAY-Z’s background, he’s an excellent businessman. He’s very thoughtful. He has been open about his personal growth, so why not? We’re living in a different time when the American people are open to all kinds of possibilities. It could be electing someone from the artist community. We did it with Ronald Reagan. We could do it with JAY-Z.” (TMZ Live)

A few days ago, 4:44 producer No I.D. recalled talking to JAY about landing a grip of Grammy Awards nominations.

“I spoke with him briefly. We did the “Wow. Wow. Wow,” you know? He always has a streak of confidence that shines through: “I knew we had something great. Let’s look at it in a year, two years, 10 years — that’s the test of time.” More than anything, we’ve both been in the industry so long, so as exciting as it is, it’s also not like a kid with a new toy. It’s more like, we worked really hard to achieve what’s going on. There’s a sense of joy for other reasons. I really enjoy the fact that that album meant a lot to him as a person and not just the music industry. We didn’t chase any of the standard things that you do to achieve success. It’s all about the artist. For him to be fulfilled as a human, not just about numbers or stats or money — he has enough of that — it was just fulfilling.” (New York Times)

I.D. also weighed-in on why JAY has continued to put himself atop the rap food chain.

“Legacy, legacy, legacy. He’s pushing the envelope. These limitations that he’s so-called breaking, I never accepted them anyway. Of course it’s great for his legacy. Deeper than that, it’s great for the art of hip-hop, music in general. We don’t have to discard people. Wine gets better with time. So does art. This just shows what an artist he is.” (New York Times)