Two more week until Jay-Z declares war. However, I don’t suspect that Jay is going to do the obvious and dis someone.

Walk wif me.

We have to remember that Jay is a business man. For him to go to war with someone it would have to be someone who is more successful than he is, and there aren’t too many people in that position.

But let’s say Jay did go at someone. It would have to be someone who would UP his battle credibility. It would have to be someone that the world would be like WHOA.

Jim Jones - total waste of time. Jim is moving units in his head. And even though he’s Koch’s biggest seller, 300,000 units ain’t much compared to 2,000,000 units. Plus, Jim can’t spit. He sounds better doing interviews. NO.

Cam’ron – worth hearing. Cam moves units and he can spit. Right now, I’d say Cam is K.O.N.Y. but Cam doesn’t want it with Hov. He says sneaky shit here and there, but nothing major. POSSIBLE.

The Game – The Game moves way more units than Cam and Jim put together and people say he can spit. Game’s a descent emcee, but he’s not worth it. Jay would raise The Game’s stock. Not a smart move for Jay. Plus if Game won it would be a huge embarrassment. NO.

50 Cent – Moves more units than all of the above combined including Hov but lately he’s been spitting a lot of trash. He’s fading quickly. I don’t care how much you love 50, you have to admit Jay would MERK 50. This would raise Jay’s profile on an MTV level, but the streets wouldn’t care. It’s expected for Jay to win by a landslide. HIGHLY POSSIBLE.

G-Unit – Now Jay could take on  the immediate G-Unit fam like Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Spider Loc and Tony Yayo. We’ve already seen what happened when Jay when at Mobb Deepeven Prodigy’s boss said it. He’s not going to want to stir it up with M.O.P. even though lyrically he’d murder them. And Ma$e. Well you heard what happened the last time he got at the pastor. Ouch! NO.

Fat Joe – He’s one of those half-a-bar niggas Hov mentioned a while back. Joe is worst than Jones. He moves less units and has hit records. Plus why would Jay want to merk his Latin-Clone? Honestly, Joe should consider paying Jay to go at him. I mean, dude can barely get his own Mixtape. NO.

Nas – Until Jay boned Kelis I don’t think anyone would care. NO.

So who will Jay be calling out? It has to be someone on the same level as Jay that can battle and would raise Jay’s profile.

Plus for Jay to go to war, he needs soliders. Kanye West, Memphis Bleek, Young Gunz, Peedi Peedi, etc. aren’t cutting it. Noreaga, Ghostface, Young Jeezy, Ludacris and Redman aren’t even in the army for various reasons. Julez Santana is rolling with Dip Set – unless he’s going to switch sides (this would prove very interesting). Joe Buddens is probably his best solider, however, dude has a hard enough time putting out a descent single. 

See, it’s not about Jay calling someone OUT, but calling somone IN.

Think about that for a minute. BRB