This wasn’t on the agenda for today, but I want to clarify an important FACT about Jay-Z if he were to go at 50 Cent. Hopefully, Jay-Z is reading this and won’t body himself because HISTORY has a horrible way of repeating itself.


Every day since 2001, we have all gone back n’ forth about who won between Nas vs. Jay-Z. Depending on who you like will determine your answer. Face it, this conflict will never have one answer. I mean, to date, people still debate Big Daddy Kane vs. Rakim.

However there are certain facts that both sets of stans  must take into consideration. Nas Stans have to admit that Nas was falling off since It Was Written. If it wasn’t for Jay-Z going at Nas, he might still be falling. To think there could have been albums worst than Nastradamus. Jay-Z Stans have to admit that Jay didn’t finish Nas. If anything, he injured him. Nas healed up and dropped Ether and the rest is HISTORY.

Personally, between Takeover and Ether, I thought Takeover was the better dis record. One fact-telling verse vs four verses of poetic ramblings. There is nothing factual about Dame-Diddy or is he Dame-Dummy.

With that said, I feel that if Jay-Z is going to go at anyone, it should be and will be 50 Cent. It stands to be the most logical and for Jay-Z, the most profitable and the most logical. If Jay wasted his time with anyone else it would just be extra bodies for no reason.

Jay needs to put 50 Cent in a duffle bag. Make him go away. He has to do to Curtis Jackson what he did to Ballerina P but no coming back. And make sure that his band of merry men get the message. However, there is one problem. Eminem.