Music mogul Jay Z can finally breathe easy after winning big in a battle against a former Roc-A-Fella Records employee who held his music hostage.

Details of Young Hov retaining the masters for The Life and Times of S. Carter and The Dynasty albums surfaced this weekend.

Chauncey Mahan, a sound engineer on the albums, claimed ownership and stashed boxes of tracks in a San Fernando Valley storage facility. Cops eventually seized the masters, but Mahan didn’t back down. He sued Jay and Roc Nation in July, trying to get a piece of the action. A judge just shut him down, ruling he waited way too long to sue. (TMZ)

Check out what Roc-A-Fella producer Just Blaze said about the sound engineer’s claims on the next page…

Former Roc-A-Fella producer Just Blaze addressed the producer and his connection to the label last April.

“Lol. He was never the brightest. One correction: he was an engineer, not a producer.,” Blaze tweeted April 21.

“Chauncey stayed effing up. Big part of the reason Hip and I brought in Guru.”

“Ill never forget the day Chaunce stepped to Duro wanting to fight lol. This guy ruined every tape transfer for the Dynasty Album.”

“Duro calls him out on it. He runs over to Soundtrack studios, comes in the room like “yo Duro I ain’t no bitch” takes his jacket off.”

“Me and Duro just looked at him. Blankest of stares.. And went back to work.”

“If you listen to Bleek’s version of “is that your b***h” you’ll notice it’s in mono. Why? Bc Chauncey. Lol.”

“If u listen to “get your mind right” from Dynasty, You’ll notice all the choruses after the first one fall in the wrong places. Bc Chauncey” (Just Blaze’s Twitter)

Blaze also denied using his Twitter rant to blast the former Roc family member.

“Oh. And I have backups of just about all of those files Chauncey tried to extort for. Dummy.,” Blaze added.

“Last thing @ind3lible and I did before we shut down baseline was a digital back up of EVERYTHING that was ever done there. EVERYTHING.”

“I’m not “blasting” dude. Saw funny story that brought back some memories. bad as some of those situations were, I’m happy i can laugh @ them” (Just Blaze’s Twitter)