JAY-Z Says NFL Partnership Is Way Bigger Than Colin Kaepernick: “We’re Past Kneeling. Now Let’s Address Injustice!”

Written By SOHH Squad

Music icon JAY-Z is making it 100 percent clear – his NFL partnership is way bigger than football players kneeling. The hip-hop mogul has further addressed the motivation behind teaming up with the controversial professional league.

This week, Young Hov spoke to media about the perception of only using his new Roc Nation/NFL partnership as an opportunity to address players kneeling to protest police brutality.


Despite the huge power move, some media outlets have questioned JAY’s interest in really bringing social justice with the partnership.

Jay-Z has earned the benefit of the doubt, however. I’ve racked my brain trying to find the hidden chess move or way that this can continue the work the businessman has put forth in the last half-decade, but I don’t know how he or anyone thinks that partnering with the NFL can bring tangible, real-life change. His quotes since the announcement have only augmented my concerns: “I have to believe that even if it’s not sincere, we’re going to get things done,” he told the New York Times. He also told the Wall Street Journal that “I can’t control—no one can control—the world that we live in currently, and people’s choice to vote self-interests.” These are both very neutered comments from someone who has seemingly been so invested in challenging established structures and corporate American mainstays. Right now, all evidence points to Jay-Z cashing out, creating a new capitalist opportunity for Jay-Z and Jay-Z alone. (Even if this is a move to become the first black NFL owner, the net benefactor is Jay-Z and the NFL’s pockets.) (Playboy)

This week, both rap stars Wale and J. Cole went to their Twitter pages to salute Kaepernick.

According to JAY-Z, he did talk to Kaepernick but details about his stance toward a new Roc Nation/NFL partnership remain unknown.

Jay-Z and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gathered with reporters for a press conference at Roc Nation’s offices on Wednesday to discuss their new entertainment and social-awareness partnership, which was revealed yesterday after news leaked. Jay and Goodell said that they both have had conversations with Kaepernick, but declined to reveal any details about those conversations, or what his stance on the partnership may be. Asked whether they plan to involve Kaepernick in the partnership, Jay said, “You’ll have to ask him, I’m not his boss. That’s for him to say.” (Variety)


Written by SOHH Squad


    • So I take it, you don’t support the NFL in ANY way. I’m sure your’e not watching any of the games or playing Madden or supporting  any of the brands that endorse the NFL like NIKE…cause that would make you a hypocrite right?

      • Since you jumped out the window… I want you to know that I said nothing about supporting or not supporting the NFL. I was referencing Jay-Z. Before you touch ground!

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