Music mogul Jay Z recently talked about the conversation he had with longtime pal Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and other high-profile artists about joining his new TIDAL streaming service movement.

According to Young Hov, he had one-on-one conversations with each TIDAL partner.

“I talked to everyone one on one about music and about what they would like to see in a service, and how would they like this to go. I wanted to know if they were willing to take a chance, since everyone’s names are attached and their reputations, too. And I just believe as long as we’re on the side of right, and we’re in this for the right reasons, it will work. It’s just a big opportunity for everyone — not a thing that belongs to any one person. That’s not fair, that’s not a democratic process, and that isn’t the idea behind it.” (Billboard)

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Jigga also talked about the importance of artists making money off TIDAL.

“For someone like me, I can go on tour. But what about the people working on the record, the content creators and not just the artists? If they’re not being compensated properly, then I think we’ll lose some writers and producers and people like that who depend on fair trade. Some would probably have to take another job, and I think we’ll lose some great writers in the process. Is it fair? No. If you put in work, everyone else, you go to work you get paid. That’s fair trade. It’s what our country is built on.” (Billboard)

Jay took part in a TIDAL press conference this week to describe the service.

Alicia Keys emphasized that Tidal is the world’s first streaming platform owned by musicians. She went on to say that Tidal will deliver “exclusive experiences that will be available nowhere else.” Each artist and Tidal co-owner then signed a declaration that details their aim for the streaming service. The musicians then stood around awkwardly for a few minutes as the crowd took photos. (Business Insider)

Recent reports claimed Hov recruited a handful of music stars including Kanye West and Nicki Minaj to discuss the streaming service a few months ago.

Sources tell me that a few days before the Grammy Awards in February, the rap entrepreneur (real name Shawn Carter) hosted a group of music superstars at an all day meeting. The guests were like a meeting of the music version of the Avengers or Justice League of America. They included Madonna, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Nikki Minaj, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Jack White and of course, wife Beyonce. “Rihanna came in at the end,” one source said. “They all kept saying, Where is Rihanna?” At least two country music stars attended as well. (Showbiz 411)