Weeks after buzz behind Jay Z and Detroit Lions star Ndamukong Suh coming close to a business relationship surfaced, new reports claim they have agreed to representation.

While details are still shaky, confirmation on their business ties emerged on Tuesday (February 11).

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who recently fired his agents, will be represented by Jay Z and Roc Nation for both contract negotiations and marketing, sources confirmed to ESPN. Ndamukong Suh’s reported alignment with Jay Z and Roc Nation offers an opportunity for both to capitalize on each other’s burgeoning success, Michael Rothstein writes. Suh represents Jay Z’s biggest football client, though Roc Nation Sports declined to comment on the Lions’ lineman Tuesday. (ESPN)

Reports last month claimed Suh had his eyes set on Team Jigga.

Per a league source, there’s a growing sense that Suh will select Jay Z, at a minimum for Suh’s off-field opportunities. It’s unclear whether Suh would hire Roc Nation for all purposes, or whether Suh would hire Jay Z for marketing and another agency to negotiate his football contract. Of Jay Z’s two current NFL clients, Giants receiver Victor Cruz is represented by CAA and Jets quarterback Geno Smith is represented by Kim Miale, who works for Jay Z’s firm. (Pro Football Talk)

Fellow NFL player Geno Smith recently spoke on Jay being very influential with his off-field advice since joining Roc Nation Sports last year.

“I talk to Jay a lot,” Smith told The Post. “He gave me some good advice. He told me to not take [criticism] personally. It’s not that people don’t like me. It’s not at me. It’s the position that I’m in. Just realize the position that I’m in comes with a lot of scrutiny. You can’t take it personally. You just have to live your daily life.” (New York Post)

Recently, Roc Nation Sports star Skylar Diggins gave props to Mr. Carter and his staff for having her back since joining a few months ago.

“He’s amazing and the whole Roc Nation family is amazing,” Diggs responded when asked how Jay has been as a representative. “[They’re] just people, everything they touch turns to gold and they just want to move mountains for you and it’s great working with people that you actually like. … [College gift?] I don’t know what you’re talking about. [laughs] Ha! I’m still trying to figure [the car buttons] out, to be honest. Six months in and [I’m] still trying to figure it out. [Is it outside the studio?] No, it’s not. [laughs] It’s not.” (“Crowd Goes Wild”)

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