Music mogul JAY-Z is going to leave a signature touch on Mariah Carey‘s next album. The R&B icon has dished on recently meeting up with Young Hov and some key Roc Nation executives about piecing together her next LP.

According to Carey, she tossed some fresh ideas with the Roc’s JAY, Jay Brown and Tyran “Tata” Smith.

“I’m in the studio starting a new album of regular music…,” Carey revealed in an interview. “Meaning it’s not a Christmas album [laughs]. I’m kind of restarting, and I’m working with Roc Nation now, so that’s great. I had a really incredible meeting—just a musical, good meeting of the minds—with Jay Brown, Jay-Z, and Tata [Tyran Smith], who’s an incredible person. We all just kind of threw some ideas around, so we’re starting from the musical place rather than, like, what’s the hook? It’s gotta be done that way.” (V Magazine)

Mariah also admitted this JAY reunion is his chance to pay it forward.

“Well, the first time I worked with Jay[-Z] was for the album Rainbow, on the song “Heartbreaker.” We were at Mr Chow’s in New York—this is before everybody in the world knew who he was. But we lovers of hip-hop knew who he was, and were very in awe of him, his talent, where he came from, his whole story and everything. So we talked that night and ended up collaborating. I did something for him once, and then we talked about him doing this for me, so that was the first time we worked together. We just have a history as friends and as collaborators, so it’s kind of a thing that’s already been established.” (V Magazine)

In late February, rap star Drake shared a shot of Carey getting gushy with his dad Dennis Graham.

Like honey 🍯

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Back in December, Dipset boss Cam’ron blessed fans with a throwback pic of himself and Carey.