Music mogul Jay Z has reportedly agreed to pay half the royalties from one of his hits off 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album to end a nasty copyright infringement court battle.

According to reports, Young Hov will avoid continuing the legal war by agreeing to the terms with international musician Bruno Spoerri over his “Versus” tune.

The rapper had denied copying instrumental ‘Lilith — on the way’ in his 2013 song ‘Versus’. But he has now agreed to pay 50 per cent of the royalties to the Swiss pianist and saxophonist, following an 18-month legal wrangle. In this case, the lifted melody came from a song composed by Spoerri in 1978, with the musician rejecting an initial offer as ‘too low’. (Daily Mail)

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Last year, Bruno spoke on Jay using his tune’s instrumental for the platinum-selling album.

‘In a way I’m flattered that a relatively young rapper takes a sample from an old man, a sample that is about 35 years old.” (Swiss Info)