Rap mogul Jay Z‘s streak of genoristy continued this week in Chicago as new footage of him allowing a teenage female spit some bars during his “Magna Carter World Tour” stop has surfaced.

In the footage, Young Hov once again is shown giving a concergoer a moment to shine.

During his “Magna Carter World Tour” at Chicago’s United Center on Thursday night, Hov brought up 19-year-old female MC Monique, who previously rapped for him at the “Blueprint 3? tour when she was 16. After expressing the hell she went through to get to the concert, the confident teen grabbed the mic and gave it her all. “You gotta be quiet so I can rap for him. I’m tryna get signed tonight and sh*t,” she told the crowd before laying down some bars. While Jay didn’t offer her a record deal, he did respond with some encouraging words. “You just told your whole entire life story, huh?” he said. “I would’ve done the same sh*t. F*ck that. It might not happen again.” He gave her a big hug and said, “I love you,” before she made her way off stage. (Rap-Up)

A few days ago, a lucky concertgoer’s mother spoke on allowing her son rap days earlier onstage with Jay Z.

We spoke with Angela, who took her 12-year-old son Justin to the concert in Charlotte Saturday. She says Justin’s dream was to “get noticed” by Hova and he was crushed when he was overlooked as he sat in the 8th row. Angela says on the ride home they decided to give it one more try, and she bought tickets to the Greensboro concert the next day. She says she was lucky and scored front row seats. Angela tells us nothing was set up. Justin jumped up with his sign and this time Jigga noticed. She says after the concert Jay Z was true to his word and took them backstage. They talked for 5 minutes about personal stuff. No numbers were exchanged and Jay said nothing about signing the kid. (TMZ)

Buzz behind the entire incident heated up the Internet on Monday (January 6).

Jay Z made one boy’s dream come true over the weekend. The rapper was in Greensboro, N.C., last night for his Magna Carter worldwide tour, and while performing for a stadium full of people, one specific fan caught the attention of Hov. A 12-year-old boy was holding up a sign that read, “Can I rap for you?” Clearly, he was giving Jay an offer he couldn’t refuse, because Beyoncé’s man invited the young admirer on stage and handed him the mike. (E! Online)

Young Hov also assisted the 12-year-old with his raps with some suggestions.

The young fan took the microphone and managed to put his nerves aside before beginning to rap Jay’s verse from “Clique.” He made sure to steer clear of the curse words, but Hov had to cut in when the lyrics began talking about some not-age-appropriate things. Jay told him to skip “the drug dealing part” of the song. “Go back to the numbers,” he said. So, he did–and killed it! Just as he finished, the audio for the track came on and the audience roared with cheers. Jay, all smiles, gave a huge hug to his young pal, who had one more request. “Can I meet you backstage?” he asked, and guess what? Jay said yes to that, too. (E! Online)

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Check out the footage: