While a release date for Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s highly-anticipated Watch the Throne album may not be set in stone, a partial tracklist from the project has leaked online.

Based on a Monday (June 6) morning leak, Hov and Ye only have one track with featured guest appearances.

1. ‘Lift Off’ feat. Beyonce & Bruno Mars 2. ‘Murder to Excellence’ 3. ‘Illest Motherf—er Alive’ 4. ‘Why I Love You So (Guilt Trip)’ 5. ‘That S— Crazy’ 6. ‘Living So Italian’ 7. ‘Who Gonna Stop Me’ 8. ‘Whole Lifetime’ 9. ‘We Are Young’ 10. ‘Anthem’ (The Boom Box)

While initially presented as a speculated list, confirmation on the tracks’ authenticity has also emerged.

This just in: the Watch The Throne tracklisting floating around this morning via DOTR is in fact real. The highly anticipated joint project between Ye and Jay, which was said to see the light of day around March looks like it’s getting the finishing touches because a source EXTREMELY close to the project just confirmed with me these song titles are legit, however more songs are said to be added. (You Heard That New)

Rumors of Beyonce and Bruno Mars’ presence on the LP circulated over the Internet last month.

If you thought “H.A.M” sucked and thought that Watch The Thronething wasn’t happening anymore, think again. Kanye West and Jay-Z are preparing for “Lift Off,” the first single from their highly anticipated long-awaited collaborative album, and have snatched up Beyoncé and Bruno Mars for the Jeff Bhasker-produced number impacting radio and your iTunes music library sooner than you think. Yeah, that definitely explains the random trips to Paris. (Complex)

Producer Young Guru provided fans with an update on the LP in March.

“Right now, I’m really trying to get Jay and Kanye to hurry up and finish this Watch The Throne album because the world needs to hear it,” Guru said in an interview. “It just needs little tweaks and things like that. But the core of the album is finished…Kanye takes what [contributing producers do] and adds on to it and I think that’s his genius. I say this all the time ‘Kanye records are never the same twice, while he’s making them because they always grow.” (VIBE)

As of now, there is no official release date for Watch the Throne.

Check out some recent Jay-Z footage down below: