R&B singer The-Dream recently spoke on the legacy Kanye West and Jay Z have paved with their music, notably 2011’s Watch the Throne, and why they could walk away from its potential follow-up as top contenders.

In Dream’s perspective, the music duo will likely create a sequel but could make a strong point by just going the one-and-done route.

“I can’t really speak on that,” Dream said referring to a follow-up having worked on the first version. “Hopefully, it is [in the works]. It would be crazy not to do another one, in my mind. But also just to make–it’s almost one of those things where you know it’s gonna be a day when they stop making all the retro Jordans. You know it’s gonna stop. And you’re gonna be so mad, but you’re gonna be so grateful that you lived in that time that it was made. You know, in a time where people just get what they want all the time it actually would probably be more impressive that they don’t do it. To me, just looking at it from just a musician standpoint and just the purest of music, that they don’t do it…and just leave it what it is. But, you know, they’re probably gonna do it.” (Montreality)

Discussing the platinum-selling Watch the Throne album over the summer, Jay said respect and admiration for Kanye has helped their in-studio chemistry.

“It actually was really easy because of the relationship. It’s always been a big brother thing and a respect thing. It’s always a good experience but he’s gonna challenge everything because he’s really trying to test it and poke holes to make sure that it stands up to the test, which is good. I admire that. It kind of works for me.” (BBC Radio 1)

A few days prior, Jigga said they argued for days over what tracks would land on their joint Watch the Throne LP and what would appear on their respective solo efforts.


“We had this whole plan when me and Kanye did (the) ‘Watch The Throne’ album that we would go right into our solos after that,” Jay-Z told Britain’s BBC Radio 1. “Soon as I thought we had wrapped up ‘Watch The Throne,’ I made two records — I had ‘Holy Grail’ and ‘Oceans.’ (There were) no lyrics on ‘Holy Grail’ and I recorded ‘Oceans’ and I played those records for Kanye. And he was like, ‘No those have to go on ‘Watch The Throne,’ ‘ so we spent four days arguing about those records and I was explaining to him why it wasn’t right for this project and I had a whole idea for making this album called ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ — (part of) the name came after.” However, Jay-Z insists the argument never really turned nasty, describing it as “four days literally arguing … not like fighting.” (Music MSN)

Recently, the duo’s Watch the Throne 2 received some ample confirmation from a couple of producers that were attached to its predecessor.

Following a semi-heated back-and-forth between musicians Hudson Mohawke and Mike Dean about Magna Carta Holy Grail, (in which HudMo pulled no punches in describing how he felt about the record) Dean revealed that the sequel to Watch The Throne is indeed in the works. Hopefully for HudMo fans, any unfavorable politics surrounding his MCHG opinion don’t end up getting in the way of the music. This isn’t actually the first time Dean has “confirmed” WTT2, he talked about it about a year ago. But now things appear to be getting real. Here we are again, waiting for Jay and Ye, just when we thought we’d get a break. (Complex)

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