Roc Nation rapper Jay Electronica has finally broken his silence on getting tagged to a billionaire overseas romance and publicly attacked the male accuser for making false statements.

Jay Elect took to Twitter and used his first tweets since late May to get at British investor Ben Goldsmith.

“@BJGoldsmith ben you need to stop going to the press w these bullshit stories. Dont be a f*cking hypocrite. I’ll come see you,” he tweeted June 22nd.

“@BJGoldsmith you wanna go public, i’ll go public and you aint gonna like it. stop acting like a b*tch” (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

Reports claim Mr. Goldsmith will likely ignore Jay Elect’s disses.

Jay Electronica, said to have had an affair with the millionaire green investor’s wife Kate, warned his love rival on Twitter that he would “come see” him. In his first direct comments on the high-profile split, he told Mr Goldsmith that he must stop giving stories to the media that were untrue. And the New Orleans-born musician suggested that if he told his own side of the story, Mr Goldsmith would regret it. However Mr Goldsmith is believed to be bemused by the messages and is not expected to respond. (Telegraph)

Kate Goldsmith’s relationship with Electronica reportedly came into the spotlight last year.

In 2010 Mrs Goldsmith set up a company called Roundtable Records, which has so far released just four singles by little-known bands. Last October Jay Electronica visited London and wrote on Twitter afterwards a message of to “Kate”, among others, for having “opened my mind in ways it hadn’t been for years, in just 2 weeks. I lov u”. The following month he addressed a message on the social networking service to Mrs Goldsmith, her brother James, and Mr Goldsmith’s siblings Zac and Jemima. He has described Mrs Goldsmith as one of his “direct points of contact” for press and business enquiries and gave her personal email address. (Telegraph)

Just last month, Jay Elect posted a photo of Kate in a helicopter.

The paper cites a family friend as saying “She [Kate] is obsessed with this chap called Jay Electronica who is one of her clients. She is always on the phone to him and out with him until four or five in the morning most nights. Sometimes she even stays with him.” Kate was recently seen ReTweeting Elec via her Twitter. On May 21, Elec tweeted a photo of Kate on a helicopter “@KateRoundtable, at the Watch The Helicopter tour.” (Rapfix)

Check out some past Jay Electronica footage below: